Use groups to share libraries and collaborate


Zotero group library

Use groups to:

  • Share your sources
  • Collaborate on projects
  • Discover others with similar interests

Group Libraries are separate from your personal My Library, so you can use Zotero groups as a way to keep separate libraries within one Zotero profile. (Make sure you have enabled Syncing so the libraries show up in your desktop program.)

  • Dragging items between My Library and a Group Library creates a completely separate copy of the item



1. Create a New Group. Two ways.Zotero add group

  • In Zotero desktop app, click the New Library icon.
    • Select New Group. You'll be directed to zotero.org to set up your group.
    • Login

      create new group in Zotero
  • You can also create a group from within zotero.org.
    • Login
    • Click the “Create a New Group” button on the groups landing page on zotero.org.


2. Choose a name and Group Type

  • Private - only group members and invited users are able to see the group's page
  • Public, Closed Membership - anyone can view the group page, but the only way to join the group is by invitation of by requesting an invitation
  • Public, Open Membership - The group page is public, and anyone can join instantly

3. Set permissions (Library Settings)

4. Invite users and assign roles (Members Settings)group settings

My Publications

Allows you to automatically create a bibliography of your research and share copies of your work on zotero.org.Zotero my publications

Learn more about My Publications.