Word plugin

When you install Zotero, it also adds a Zotero tab to your Word application. See our Download and Install instructions.

Word Zotero tab


The plugin allows you to:

  • Choose a citation style
  • Add or edit a citation
  • Add or edit a bibliography or list of references

Select your citation style

  1. Select the Zotero tab
  2. Click Document Preferences
  3. Select your citation style
  4. Let other settings go to the default.
    Make sure the box next to "Automatically update citations" is checked unless you have a very large document.

Word document preferences

Word document preferences dialog

Add citations to Word

  1. In Zotero: Merge duplicates
  2. In Word: Select the Zotero tab
  3. Click Document Preferences and double check that you have the appropriate style selected.
  4. In Word: Place cursor where you want the citation to appear
  5. Click Add/Edit Citation
    Word add citation
  6. In the pop up, search for and highlight the item to cite
  7. Add page numbers, additional authors, etc.
  8. Click OK

Multiple sources in one citation

Footnote example:

footnote multiple sources

Other style examples:

  • For numeric styles: [2,4-6]
  • For author-date parenthetical styles: (Smith 1776, Schumpeter 1962)

1. Click Add/Edit Citation

2. Click the Multiple Sources buttonmultiple sources


3. Highlight one of your sources

4. Click the right pointing green arrow to add the source to the box

5. Add page number(s) if necessary

6. Continue adding sources this way until you get to the last source

7. Some styles (Chicago Notes & Bibliography, for example) require the word "and" just before the last source. When adding your last source only, type in "and" in the Prefix field

8. Click OK

multiple sources prefix


Rules for Multiple Sources in One Citation

Omit the author field

Oftentimes for webpages, the organization is used as the author, and the citation starts with the title. You can omit the author in the popup window in Word when you cite.

With author-date styles, authors are often moved into the text and omitted from the following parentheses-enclosed citation, e.g.: ”…according to Smith (1776) the division of labor is crucial …“

omit author

The organization name will appear in the bibliography though, as it should.

Page and other locator types

To cite the page, use the Page field. Other locators are in the drop down menu.

If the locator is not listed, e.g., Table, use the Suffix field.

Word suffix field


Add a Zotero note directly into Word

You can insert a Zotero note directly into Word.Insert Zotero note into Word

Go to the Zotero tab in Word > Click the Add Note button


In Word:

1. Select the Zotero tab

2. Click Add/Edit Citation

3. Select your style > most likely you are using: Chicago 17th edition (full note)

4. Select Endnotes

endnotes display as

5. References tab

  • Click the small arrow to expand the box
    Word endnotes References tab 
  • In the Footnote and Endnote popup
    • Select Endnotes
  • Select the desired number format from the dropdown menu
  • Apply
    endnotes location number format

Remove footnotes from the word count

To get a true word count of your paper (without including the words in the footnotes) you need to change the default setting in Word.

  1. Click the Review tab in the ribbon
  2. Click Word Count
  3. Uncheck the box that includes the footnotes and endnotes

 word count 

   word count uncheck