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Citation Examples

Journal Article

Agrawal V, Ferguson M, Toktay LB, Thomas V (2012) Is leasing greener than selling? Management Sci. 58(3):523–533.

In text: (Agrawal et al. 2012)


Karlin S, Taylor H (1975) A First Course in Stochastic Processes (Academic Press, New York).

In text: (Taylor 1975)

Technical Report

Denholm P, Short W (2006) An evaluation of utility system impacts and benefits of optimally dispatched plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Technical Report NREL/TP-620-40293, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, CO.

In text: (Denholm and Short 2006)

In Text Citations
Single author: (Masseo 2003) or Masseo (2003)
Two authors: (Brenahan and Reiss 1991) or Brenahan and Reiss (1991)
Three or more authors: (Bindel et al. 2013) or Bindel et al. (2013)
Two sources in one citation: (Smith and Wesson 2012, Bindel et al. 2013)
Three or more sources in one citation: (Ades and Di Tella 1999, Blundell et al. 1999, Aghion et al. 2005, Zitzewitz 2012)

Use commas to separate grouped sources
Cite grouped sources by ascending date, then alphabetically
For same author(s) same year, cite in full: (Bindell et al. 2014a, Bindell et al. 2014b)



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