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Blog Post

APA blog post 

Book > Audiobook

Book Chapter in Edited Book > One author, two editors

APA book chapter in edited book 

Book Section > Three authors, one editor > From the introduction, forward, preface, etc.

APA book section introduction

Electronic Book > Chapter with DOI or URL

In-text Citations

(Bonds, 2014, p. Chapter 3, para. 1)

APA book electronic with DOI

Electronic Book > From a book provider (Kindle)

Reference Entry

Krishnan, A. (2008). War as business: Technological change and military service contracting. [Kindle DX version].

APA book electronic Kindle reference

Electronic Book > From a library database

APA book electronic from library database

Book > Print > One author

APA book print

Book > Print > Two authors, with edition number

 APA book print with two authors and edition number

Book > Print > Three authors

APA book print three authors

Class Notes > Published

APA class notes published 

Lecture > Published (online)

APA lecture published online 

Presentation or Workshop

APA presentation or workshop 

Computer Program / Software > Hard Copy

APA computer program hard copy

Computer Program / Software > Online

APA computer program 

Conference Proceedings (online)

APA conference proceedings online             

Conference Proceedings (print)

APA conference proceedings print 

Conference Proceedings > Paper Presented at Conference > Unpublished

APA conference paper unpublished

Data Set > Published

APA data set 

Data Set > Unpublished and Retrievable

APA data set unpublished retrievable 

APA data set unpublished retrievable 2


APA dictionary 


APA encyclopedia

Fact Sheet

First In-text Citation

(Department of Labor [DOL], 2008)

Reference Entry

DOL Department of Labor. (2008). The construction industry under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) [Fact sheet].



First In-text Citation

(Department of Defense [DOD], 2005)

Reference Entry

DOD Department of Defense. (2005, December 19). Information assurance training, certification, and workforce management (DOD Directive 8570.01-M).



First In-text Citation

(Joint Chiefs of Staff [JCS], 2017)

Reference Entry

JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff. (2017). Countering air and missile threats (JP 3-01).


Field Manual / Military Regulation

First In-text Citation

(Department of the Army [DA], 1994)

Reference Entry

DA Department of the Army. (1994). Sniper training (FM 23-10).

Government Report > CRS Report

 APA government report CRS

Government Report > GAO Report

APA government report GAO 

Government Report > Strategy Document / Other Government Report



First In-text Citation

(Office of the Chief of Naval Operations [OPNAV], 2019)

Reference Entry

OPNAV Office of the Chief of Naval Operations. (2019, May 5). Navy Safety and Occupational Health program for forces afloat (OPNAVINST 5100.19F). Department of the Navy.


Reference Entry

Takai, T. M. (2013, March 28). Adoption of the national information exchange model within the Department of Defense [Memorandum]. Department of Defense.

APA memorandum

Handbook > Online

APA handbook online 

Handbook > Print

APA handbook print 

Journal Article > Online > With DOI or URL

APA journal article online 

Journal Article > Online > From a library database

APA journal article from library database

Journal Article > Print

APA journal article print

Legal > Bill / Resolution > Federal enacted, published in Congressional Record

Reference Entry

S. Res. 438, 114th Cong., 162 Cong. Rec. 2394 (2016), (enacted).

APA legal bill federal enacted 

Legal > Bill / Resolution > Federal unenacted

APA legal bill federal unenacted 

Legal > Code of Federal Regulations

APA legal Code of Federal Regulations 

Legal > Congressional Hearing > Full Hearing

APA legal congressional hearing full

Legal > Congressional Hearing > Testimony within a Hearing

APA legal congressional hearing testimony 

Legal > Court Case Decision > Lower Court

Reference Entry

Lessard v. Schmidt, 349 F. Supp. 1078, 1092–1104 (E.D. Wis. 1972).


Legal > Court Case Decision > Supreme Court

APA legal court supreme 

Legal > Executive Order > Basic Format

APA legal executive order basic 

Legal > Executive Order > Extended Format

APA legal executive order extended 

Legal > Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)

 APA legal FAR

Legal > Public Law > U.S. Code

First In-text Citation

(National Environmental Policy Act [NEPA],1969)

Reference Entry

NEPA National Environmental Policy Act, 42 U.S.C. § 4331 (1969).

Legal > Public Law > U.S. Statutes at Large

APA legal public law Statutes 

Magazine Article > Online > DOI or URL > No author

APA magazine no author 

Magazine Article > Online > From a library database

Reference Entry

Katz, F. (2020, January–March). You're grounded for life. Parenting Highlights Quarterly112(1), 22–27. ProQuest

APA magazine article from library database 

Magazine Article > Print

APA magazine author given 

Map > Google Map

APA map

Multimedia > Film

 APA film

Multimedia > Podcast

Reference Entry

McBracket, D. (Host). (2020, January 7). Taking the sigh out of citation (No. 846) [Audio podcast episode]. In Team Citation presents. Komodo Studios.

APA podcast 

Multimedia > Video

APA multimedia video

Newspaper Article > Online > DOI or URL > Author given

APA APA newspaper article with DOI or URL

Newspaper Article > Online > DOI or URL > No author

 APA newspaper no author

Newspaper Article > Online > From a library database

APA newspaper article from library database 




APA photo 

Report > Research Report / Think Tank Report / White Paper

Reference Entry

Dixon, L., Clancy, N., Miller, B. M., Hoegberg, S., Lewis, M. M., Bender, B., Ebinger, S., Hodges, M., Syck, G. M., Nagy, C., & . . . Choquette, S. R. (2017). The cost and affordability of flood insurance in New York City (Report No. RR1776-NYCEDC). RAND.

APA report research 

Report > Technical Report > Author given (online)

APA report technical 

Report > Technical Report > Organization as author (online)

First In-text Citation

(National Toxicology Program [NTP], 2012)

Reference Entry

NTP National Toxicology Program. (2012). Toxicology and carcinogenesis studies of trimethylolpropane triacrylate (technical grade) in F344/N rats and B6C3F1/N mice (dermal studies) (Report No. TR-576). National Institutes of Health.

Report > Technical Report > Author given (print)

APA report technical author print 

Secondary / Indirect Source

APA secondary source 

Social Media

In-text Citations

(Babygiraffe [@babygiraffehaslastlaugh], 2020)

APA social media Instagram


APA speech 

Thesis / Dissertation > From a commercial database > Dissertation

APA dissertation from commercial database 

Thesis / Dissertation > From an institutional archive > Dissertation

APA dissertation from institutional archive

Thesis / Dissertation > From an institutional archive > Thesis

APA thesis from institutional archive

Unpublished Work > Accepted for publication (online)

APA unpublished work accepted for publication 

Unpublished Work > Not submitted for publication (print)

APA unpublished work not submitted for publication 

Unpublished Work > Submitted for publication (online)

APA unpublished work submitted for publication 

Website / Webpage > Author given

APA website author given 

Website / Webpage > Organization as author

First In-text Citation

(Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI], 2017)

Reference Entry

FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation. (2017, April 6). Forging papers to sell fake art.

Website > No date given

APA website no date 

Website > Janes Example



APA wikipedia 

Working Paper / Occasional Paper

APA working paper