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Blog Post

IEEE blog post

Book Chapter in Edited Book > One author, two editors

APA book chapter in edited book 

Book Chapter in Edited Book > Three authors, one editor > From the introduction, forward, preface, etc.

Reference Entry

[5] A. H. Cordesman, A. Mausner, and D. Kasten, in Introduction, in Winning in Afghanistan: Creating Effective Afghan Security Forces, J. Smith, Ed. Washington, DC, USA: Center for Strategic and International Studies, 2009, pp. 4–5.

IEEE edited book with three authors

Electronic Book > DOI or URL

IEEE electronic book with DOI

Electronic Book > From a book provider (Kindle)

Book electronic Kindle

Electronic Book > From a library database

IEEE electronic book from library database

Book > Print > One author

APA print book one author

Book > Print > Two authors, with edition number

 IEEE print book with edition number

Book > Print > Three authors

IEEE print book with three authors

Book in a Series

IEEE book in a series

Book Volume

IEEE book volume

Class Notes / Lecture > Published (online) > Class Notes

IEEE class notes published 

Class Notes / Lecture > Published (online) > Lecture

IEEE published lecture 

Class Notes / Lecture > Unpublished

IEEE unpublished class notes 

Presentation or Workshop

IEEE presentation 

Computer Program / Software

IEEE computer program

Conference Proceedings (online)

IEEE conference proceedings online 

Conference Proceedings (print)

IEEE conference proceeding print 

Conference Paper Presented at Conference > Unpublished

Reference Entry

[1] K. Kirby and J. Stratton, “Van Allen probes: Successful launch campaign and early operations exploring earth’s radiation belts,” presented at the IEEE Aerosp. Conf., Big Sky, MT, USA, Mar. 2, 2013, Paper 24 DKL 138.

IEEE conference paper unpublished

Data Set > Published

IEEE data set published

Database > Published

 IEEE database published

Dictionary / Encyclopedia

IEEE dictionary 

Fact Sheet

IEEE fact sheet 


IEEE directive


 IEEE doctrine

Field Manual / Military Regulation

Government Report > CRS Report


Government Report > GAO Report

IEEE GAO report 

Government Report > Strategy Document / Other Government Report



IEEE instruction


IEEE memorandum

Handbook > Online

IEEE handbook online

Handbook > Print

APA handbook print 

Journal Article > Online > DOI

IEEE journal online with DOI 

Journal Article > Online > From a library database

IEEE journal article online from library database

Journal Article > Print

IEEE journal article print

Legal > Legislative Document

IEEE legal legislative document 

Legal > Public Law > Published in the U.S. Code

IEEE public law in US Code 

Legal > Public Law > Published in the U.S. Statutes at Large

IEEE public law in US Statutes at Large 

Multimedia > Video

IEEE multimedia video



IEEE map 

Newspaper Article > Online

Newspaper Article > Print

IEEE newspaper article print 




Personal Communication > Email, Interview, Private Communication

IEEE personal comm interview 

Report > Research Report / Think Tank Report / White Paper

IEEE research report 

Report > Technical Report > Author given (online)

IEEE tech report author given online 

Report > Technical Report > Organization as author (online)

IEEE tech report organization as author online

Report > Technical Report > Author given (print)

IEEE tech report author given print 


IEEE standard 

Thesis / Dissertation > Dissertation > Print

IEEE dissertation print

Thesis / Dissertation > Thesis from an institutional archive

IEEE thesis from institutional archive

Unpublished Work > Accepted for publication

IEEE unpublished work accepted for publication 

Website / Webpage > Author and date given

IEEE website author and date given

Website / Webpage > Organization as author

IEEE website organization as author

Website > Organization as author > no date given

IEEE website organization as author no date

Website > Janes Example


IEEE wikipedia 

Working Paper / Occasional Paper

IEEE working paper